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     I was born and raised right here in this beautiful mountain valley of Salt Lake City, with all my under graduate classes taken at the Salt Lake Community College and University of Utah. I was planning on becoming a Medical Doctor at the U of U, until a change of fate occurred. I returned home from a mission with severe upper neck pain. I found that the pain killers that I used only helped temporarily, but did not seem to cure the problem. So I went to a chiropractor. After my first experience with a chiropractor, I realized that there was more to helping people than prescribing medications. My upper back pain diminished by 70% within the third adjustment. So, with the support and assistance of a loving wife, I began the long journey of learning about alternative health care.    

This picture my family likes, but we are all about 11 years older now :)​

     During this process, and since, I have had the joy of raising three children, Cassandra, 20 years old, Logan, 17 years old, and Aiden 14 years old. I received my Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and my Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic, in St. Louis, Missouri. Then with an ongoing desire for knowledge, I finished post-graduate studies in Acupuncture, CPK (Chiro Plus Kinesiology), Nutrition, SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). I was guided to this work I do now. It is a blend of all my schooling and experiences of life mixed together. I also spent some time working with Tao Tan before taking over his practice. It was a good experience since he had many years experience in Acupuncture and was schooled in China. 

    I am certified in The Emotion Code and Body Code.  The Emotion Code helps release trapped emotions that are able to cause both physical and spiritual imbalances  The Body Code  addresses deeper problems as well as the emotions.  I have found these two techniques to be extremely powerful.
     I want to share the things that I have learned with others who are looking for an alternative, to fix their problems that seem to have no answers or are stubborn in getting better. I have been practicing in Sandy, Utah, and serving the surrounding areas for over 17 years. I am licensed in chiropractic, and certified in acupuncture, nutrition, Emotion Code, Body Code and kinesiology to give you the best care possible. As a team, with both of us playing a part in your health care, I promise, as your doctor, to share all I know to help you find answers and get health back into your life.

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